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DROPP has quickly grown in popularity since we first looked into it. That means the team is working hard to achieve its mission. I'll walk you through the major news on their development and point your eyes at which events you should expect soon.

Keep reading to learn:

  • - Who's invested in Dropp's success
  • - Details of their NFT and land sales
  • - Who's behind this collection
  • - Partnerships in the metaverse and play-to-earn industries


Overlaying AR onto the physical world and minting NFTs from their intersection is a popular proposition. It's the first of its kind experience, and it has moon potential. We can see that through DROPP's recent $8 Million funding round. The investors included Animoca Brands, Three Arrows Capital, DeFiance Capital, Alameda Research, Spartan Capital, Genblock Capital, and Antifund VC. All of which are currently active in the blockchain space. They're investing in projects that offer something new and will change the world. 


The team's focus is shifted to launching DROPP Land right now. Recent information gives more detail. We know the plots of land will be tied up with real-world locations. When you buy land, you become a landowner of the virtual representation of a building. There will be different types of plots. Five of them, to be exact:

  • - Star Plots - The highest tier of plots available. Placed in prime locations with distinguished landmarks. Also, the largest in size (65-75 hexes).
  • - Diamond Plots - The second best plot is located around the Star Plots, giving them a first-row seat to all the best action. A bit smaller in size (45-55 hexes).
  • - Gold Plots - This is the budget version of the Star Plots. You're still in the well-known areas but on the side and smaller (25-35 hexes).
  • - Silver Plots - Placed in designated locations. The size is around 15 hexes. 
  • - Bronze Plots - These are the smallest of plots (5 hexes).

All these plots are obtainable from loot boxes. Boxes come in five tiers. Better boxes have higher odds of opening the best properties.

Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 9.48.58 AM

Los Angeles will be the first location available on DROPP. Each person can only buy 7 boxes. The public sale will offer 782 land pieces and 308 for the pre-sale. There are 96,100 plots in total. The following land sets are released every month for the next 8 years.

Loot box price list:

Tier-1 - Auctions only

Tier-2 - 200 $SOL

Tier-3 - 80 $SOL

Tier-4 - 20 $SOL

Tier-5 - 7 $SOL 


DROPP introduced their first Land Pioneering Program, which was open from February 9 to February 22. A whitelist system was implemented to include and reward the community's creativity, talent, and hard work. The standard like, retweet, and tag-a-friend method opens the door for bots and hype chasers who don't even know what they're supporting.

As everyone has different strengths and abilities, there were 4 avenues for participation.

1. Artistic Creation 

For all the creative minds. Graphic designers, memers, musicians, and writers showcased their abilities. The mediums they chose were not limited by the team to give an equal playing field. The only rule was to make content related to the DROPP brand or the release of DROPP Land. The submissions were based around:

  • - DROPP Land concept designs
  • - Stickers
  • - Emojis
  • - Memes
  • - Music
  • - Poetry

The best 200 were rewarded with 150 tier-5 whitelist spots, 100 Tier-4 spots, and 50 Tier-3 spots.

2. Content Creation

Content is key. And quality content keeps the eyes on the project and helps it reach new audiences. There were no restrictions on the type of content created. The only requirements were: 

  • - Explain DROPP Land 
  • - Original, high-quality, and informative
  • - Link the official website and DROPP's social media accounts

Rewards were 100 Tier-5 spots and 100 Tier-4 spots.

3. Community Engagement

Community members that spread good vibes are mandatory for a tight-knit and happy community. As long as the engagement is meaningful, of course. The requirements were:

  • - Engaging on DROPP's social media with a focus on Discord
  • - Helping fellow members by answering their questions and directing them the right way
  • - Being proactive
  • - Keeping the good vibes going

4. Documentation and Ideation

For this category, you had to be good at:

  • - Documenting DROPP announcements/alfa for newcomers
  • - Translating the concepts into easy-to-grasp language
  • - Formulating ideas and suggestions for land development and potential partnerships
  • - Research on metaverse news or trends that could be relevant to DROPP

The selected few got 50 Tier-5 spots and 50 Tier-4 spots.

The Collection

Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Gonzales are legends in streetwear. They combined forces to make the Non Fragment Token collection, featuring 10,000 unique Shmoos (characters).

Hiroshi Fujiwara pioneered streetwear in Japan. He is a designer and a musician but is mainly known as the "Godfather of Streetwear". His brand, Fragment Design, has collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Nike, Stussy, Pokémon, and more.

Mark Gonzales is a skater and artist known for pioneering modern skateboarding culture. He's collaborated with brands like Adidas and Supreme. The character of his logo is known as "Shmoo" and served as the inspiration for the NFT collection.

Non Fragment Token logo/mint banner

Shmoo's were minted on Soulshift, which is what we now call DROPP. They can be found on Solanart and Magic Eden. The collection sold out in less than 30 minutes and hit number one on Solanart just 7 days after its release. All and all, the launch of Non Fragment Token was a huge success.

The first benefits for holders came right away. 

1. Holders of 1-4 Shmoos got:

  • - 6% off on DROPP Land Sale 
  • - Possible WL for future events/drops in Tier 5,4,3
  • - Stake only 1 Shmoo NFT and earn average yield returns in DROPP tokens
  • - Access to marketplace listings

2. Super Holders (5-9 Shmoos) got:

  • - 8% off on DROPP Land Sale
  • - Possible WL for future events/drops in Tier 5, 4, 3
  • - Stake 3 Shmoos in Non-Fungible Hotel and earn above-average yield in DROPP tokens
  • - Access to marketplace listings

3. Prestige Holders (10+ Shmoos) got:

  • - 10% off on DROPP Land Sale
  • - Assured WL for future events/drops in Tier 5, 4, 3
  • - Stake 5 Shmoo NFTs in Non-Fungible Hotel and earn max yield in DROPP tokens
  • - Access to the exclusive marketplace for listings


Two brains think better than one. How about two more brains? DROPP partnered with Genopets and Nyan Heroes. 

Nyan Heroes

Both teams have been close since the launch of DROPP. 2022 will be the year they work together. This partnership will strive to integrate the Nyan Heroes universe into the DROPP platform. AR-enabled Nyan/Guardian Robot NFTs and a Nyan Pier will be available to Nyan Hero players in DROPP. 


Genopets is developing in the same direction as DROPP. Both are Move-to-Earn systems, where real-life actions have an impact in-game. In other words, connecting the real world with the metaverse. So it only makes sense that both support and help each other. 

Our Thoughts

So far, so good. Progress is made daily. The project is blooming. There are still years of work ahead for the team, but the view of their path sure looks promising.

DROPP has the formula to make a breakthrough. All that is needed is time and proper execution. 

If you missed the NFT drop and the Land drop, you can buy on secondary markets or wait for the next batch. Other ways to get involved will be available in Q2 or Q3 this year - that's when the token will drop.

Stay Tuned




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