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Nano X Review

Ledger is well-known for making highly secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The latest model is the Ledger Nano X and it first became available at the end of May.

There are some new features that come with the Ledger Nano X which help to improve on the previous model, which was the Nano S. This one comes with extra space for more apps, a built-in battery, and Bluetooth. Like other hardware wallets from Ledger, the Nano X is very secure, which makes it ideal for storing your private keys as well as interacting with Dapps and wallets.

Multicurrency Support

Up to 100 applications can be installed at the same time on one device, so you won't be forced to choose. It also supports over 1,100 asst, and more are supported every month.

The Supported Crypto Assets page on the Ledge website shows the complete list of all of the assets that it supports. The page allows you to search by an asset to see whether or not it is supported. For each of the assets, Ledger lists the devices that support the asset, and the Nano X is nearly always one of the ones that are included. There is even a Ledger roadmap that you can view from the page to see if there are any plans to support an asset in the future.


Nano X comes with state-of-the-art security, which is one of its best features. Ledger claims a strong security model is used by the hardware wallet and based on the security spec from earlier Ledger wallets and strong reviews, it isn't hard to believe that this claim is true.

There have been concerns raised over the Bluetooth component of the Nano X. However, Ledger did some careful planning before it included Bluetooth and has implemented key security features as well. The Bluetooth connection stays encrypted so, you are able to enjoy the benefits that come with having a connection without having to worry about security.

If your Bluetooth connection were hacked somehow, your crypto would still be protected by the Secure Element by requesting consent before any action was taken. It is also critical that only data that the Bluetooth transports is public information. On the other hand, any critical data, which includes your private keys and seed, never leave the Nano X.

Also, the Bluetooth implementation on this hardware wallet depends on a state-of-the-art protocol. That ensures authentication via pairing, and that is based upon numeric comparisons. AES-based encryption ensures additional confidentiality.

For people who still are not comfortable using the Ledger Nano X Bluetooth abilities, the feature can be disabled. For there you can use the USB-C cable instead.

Nano X Security Impact and Architecture

The Nano X features new architecture that is slightly different than what the Nano S has. It features wireless support, dual-core MCus, state-of-the-art Secure Element, and two chips

The Secure Element serves as a proxy and the MCU is responsible for the connection with the smartphone or desktop. In addition, the Smart Element drives the screen to display critical information and obtain user input.

It handles security as well, which includes storing the seed and private keys and implementing cryptographic operations for managing cryptocurrencies.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Despite all of the above reassurances, a majority of people want more information on its Bluetooth and what impact it has on the Ledger Nano X's security. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used by the device, and only public information is transmitted over Bluetooth.

So even if the Bluetooth link, the STM32 MCU, or your smartphone or computer get compromised, you are still required by the Secure Element to verify the transaction prior to it being processed. The Nano X screen will show the real transaction details also and won't ever send out a transaction signature without getting your consent first.

The Bluetooth's state-of-the-art protocol that the Ledger Nano X uses is a two-phase protocol for BLE connection. It uses the BLE channel and includes a key exchange. A random generator is used by both the Ledger Nano X and smartphone for genearating unique keys.

Pending approval from the users, the Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman's key exchange is used by the two devices to determine the trust between the devices. Specific configurations are used by the Bluetooth protocol that is designed to prevent Man-in-the-Middle Attacks that are commonly seen in BLE.

State-of-the-art security configuration is in the form of Numeric Comparison. A numeric code is displayed by both devices once the common secret is generated. You will verify that the code matches. The code is unable to have collision or downgrade attacks because it is computer from public keys via AES-CMAC along with random nonces. The smartphone and Ledger Nano can get a secure channel established that comes with AES-based encryption following key exchange protocol.

The ST stack implements the BLE stack. Ledger Donjon, the security team, evaluates the security of the implementation that is related to the most recent attacks.

Real Mobility

Compared to other crypto key hardware wallets that are similar, the Ledger Nano X has something unique about it which is the fact that it is genuinely mobile. Between the Ledger Live mobile application and Bluetooth capabilities, you really are able to manage your cryptocurrency from wherever you are. Opening up your computer isn't necessary for managing your crypto.

Remember that the Nano X is unable to fully operate on its own. You must use a desktop computer or smartphone to manage secure transactions, check the balance of your account, add in accounts, or to install applications.

It is very important to also be aware that a 100 mAh battery is featured with the Ledger Nano X. This battery is able to last for several hours when it is being used or for several months when it is fully charged and idling. The battery cannot be replaced, but it is easy to recharge using the included cable and USB-C port.

Ledger Live App

one of the key aspect or using Ledger devices, including Ledger Nano X, is Ledger Live. When this application is used it streamlines the process of utilizing your hardware wallet and provides you with access to all of your accounts in one place from wherever you are. The app is available for both computers and smartphones.

The app allows you to easily and securely receive cryptocurrency assets from wherever you happen to be. It is very intuitive to complete the transactions with the screen providing you with step-by-step instructions.

This application allows you to use real-time rates to check your crypto asset balance, regardless of the place or time. It isn't even necessary for your Nano to be connected in order to take full advantage of the feature. Also, Ledger Live allows you to directly remove or install applications from your Ledger Nano X. That allows you to tailor applications based on your individual needs while your private keys are protected. Even when you decide to uninstall an application, your accounts still stay safe.

The Ledger Live Onboarding process is simple, There are easy step-by-step instruction, a fast configuration, and then a check of the authenticity of your device. You can remove or install currencies, location new apps, as well as manage your Nano X's leftover space.

When it comes to account management with Ledger Live, you are allowed to use several currencies with unlimited accounts, see your complete transaction history along with details for every transaction, create custom settings for all of your accounts, see a one-click account overview, as well as archive, restore, and import accounts. Real-time balances include smart filters, a global counter value, and an overview of all of your assets. You are able to intuitively send or receive funds with step-by-step guidance, custom fees support, and visual validation of the addresses. The account's personal profile includes encrypted local data and custom settings.

What is inside of the Box

1 - hardware wallet
1 - getting started leaflet
1 - USB cable
1 - keychain strap
3 - recovery sheets

Setting up Your Ledger Nano X

There are detailed setup instructions included inside of the box to guide you throughout the entire process. If you have ever set up a Nano device in the past, you will already be familiar with the process.

There are also cards to write your seed words down on. They are used as your recovery phrase if you ever need to restore your device in the future.

To get the setup process started, you will need to have the Ledger Live App. It can be used on an Android 7or iOS 9 smartphone or a computer with Linux, macOS 10.8, or Windows 8 (64-bit).

After you have the app installed you can get started by taking the following steps:

Press the button that is next to your USB port until you see the Ledger logo displayed to turn the device on.

Read the instructions on the screen. Press the left button for going back or the right button to continue forward.

Press both of them at the same time when you see Set up as new device displayed on your screen.

Then select a PIN for your device:

Once Choose PIN code gets displayed on your device, press both buttons.

Press the right or left button to choose a digit. To validate a digit press both buttons.

Enter your PIN code once again in order to confirm it

Next, you will need to write the recovery phrase down. It is a series of 24 words. Be very careful since the recovery phrase is only displayed one time.

Take out the blank Recovery sheet that came in the box.

Once write down your recovery phrases has been displayed, press both buttons.

Write word #1 down on the Recovery sheet. Verify that you have correctly copied it down in Position 1. To move to your next work, press on the right button. Continue to repeat this process until you have Word #24 written in position 24. On the last screen, press both buttons.

Once Confirm your recovery phrase is displayed press both buttons.

Choose the first word you wrote down in position 1 on the Recovery Sheet. Use the right or left button. Press both buttons to validate the words. Repeat the process to confirm the complete 24-word recovery phrase. After you have completed the setup process successfully, your device will be ready. Press both buttons in order to Access the Dashboard. You will then be on your Dashboard.

Ledger Nano X Technical Specs

The display on the Ledger Nanox X has two times the pixels that the Nano S has, which is 128 x 64. The bigger display allows for easier verification for transaction details and receiving addresses.

You use your Ledger Nano X, you will need to have a device with a USB port that can be connected to the USB-C cable to charge it. You will need either a computer or smartphone to use with the Ledger Live app to install apps or update the firmware.

The Ledger Nano X does not have a waterproof rating. If it gets wet accidentally, immediately turn it off and allow it to fully dry before using it again. The Ledger Nano's Security Element is rated at CC EAL5+.

Weight & Dimensions: Weight: 34g; Size: 72mm x 18.6mm x 11.75mm

Materials: Plastic and brushed stainless steel. 100mAh battery

Connector & Microcontrollers: Certification level: CC EAL5+, USB Type-C

Compatibility: 64-bits desktop computer (Linux, macOS 10.8+, Windows 8+), other than ARM Processors, or a smartphone (Android 7+ or iOS 9+)

Chips: ST33J2M0 (secure) + STM32WB55

How Is A Ledger Nano X Restored?

Specific instructions are offered by Ledger on how the Nano X can be restored through the use of your recovery phrase allows you to restore, replace, or clone a device. Set it up as a new device if you would like to generate new private keys and/or save a new recovery phrase. To get the process started, get the Ledger Live app installed on your computer or smartphone. Obtain your restoration recovery phrase.

You then choose your PIN code. Press the button for three seconds on the USB, read the instructions on the screen, and press both buttons to choose "Restore from recovery phrase." Press right or left to select your digit and then press on both buttons to validate it. You PIN code can be either 8 or 4 digits. To confirm it, you need to enter the PIN code again.

Next, select the length of your recovery phrase of 12, 18, or 2 words. Press both buttons to validate it. Enter the letters from word 1 using the left and right buttons, and use both buttons to validate the letters. You can select the words from their suggested list and to validate it, press both buttons. Repeat the process until you have gone through your entire recovery phrase. Your private keys are now restored.

Ledger Nano S vs Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano S is still available. Each of these models services its own purpose and will appeal to different kinds of clients. You can use the LedgerNano X while you are on the go using the Ledge Live application on your smartphone. This is not possible to do on the Ledger Nano s. Therefore, some people might want to have one of each of them and leave their Nano S at home. Another difference is the Nano X is a bit more responsive. However, they have comparable overall performance. The Nano X architecture is an evolution over the Nano S, due to the additional memory and new Secure Element chip.


Ledger's newest hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano X. It builds on the previous hardware wallet's features and also stands out with its Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to use it with the Ledger Live app on your smartphone. The Nano X, like Ledger's other hardware wallet, is highly secure and comes with multiple safety protocols and encryption to prevent many different types of attacks.

Ledger has quickly evolved into the most popular manufacturer of hardware wallets among strong competition from Trezor, its main rival. However, the Nano X is a step up and a really good product. For complete beginners, the setup process is a bit convoluted, but most people will be set it up if they carefully follow the instructions.

If you are shopping for a new hardware wallet or wanting to buy your first one, then we highly recommend that you consider the Nano X.

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