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Learning more about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies!

A Bitcoin Primer If you’d like to gain a clear understanding of all things bitcoin, the best place to start is by making a distinction between two different concepts that share that name. The first of these is bitcoin-as-token, the individual piece of computer code that can be owned and traded like a virtual IOU. […]

World Blockchain Forum

World Blockchain Forum Future Money, Future Wealth ( KEYNOTE 2018 London ) WBF –  3rd ANNUAL BITCOIN & CRYPTO CONFERENCE Exciting! Its that time of year again, Tijo & Arcane Bear will be headed to the Annual world blockchain forum!! Arcane Bear is proud to be a media sponsor with the world blockchain keynote special […]

Australian Government Spying on Citizens Using Cryptos

Australian Banks Allegedly Blocking Crypto Based Transactions Freeezing Citizens Crypto Accounts Why is the Australian government passing laws to spy on all citizens using cryptocurrency under the guise of stopping the funding of terrorism? Sure this gives Cryptocurrency some sort of credibility and should bolster people’s faith in the currency due to major governments trying […]

Coinbase to Add Support for Ethereum-Based Tokens

Adding Ethereum ERC20 Token Support to several of its suite of products There will be “some major changes in the market in the months to come” Coinbase plans to make big moves in 2018, first it made reporting your tax owed much easier for users who want to stay compliant with the IRS, then you […]

Social Media Selling Our Data – Is It Over?

Snowden Calls Upon Facebook Naming It Surveillance Company Can You Protect Your Data? Facebook’s stock still on a downward trajectory after the news of a data mining company handed personal information of roughly 50 million Facebook users to the Trump campaign in 2015-16 has gone viral. There has been an almost $50 billion decline in […]

Coincheck Dumps Dash, Zcash and Monero?

Coincheck Trying to Skirt Blame for their failure? Snowden Reveals NSA Recording Data As reported, anonymous sources reveal Coincheck to dump Dash, Zcash, and Monero. They are the 3 most anonymous coins on the market, and are thought to be used to clean some of the stolen NEM coins, from the hack over a month […]

Coinbase Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Tax Calculator

Presenting ‘Overhaul’ Changes US Customers Only Coinbase just released a tax tool for it’s US customers. This is obviously a reaction by Coinbase to protect its clients, and satisfy the IRS due to a subpoena sent to them at the beginning of the year. It demanded Coinbase turn over all the personal information connected to […]

IBM Developing Hyperledger Project

‘Big Blue’ Develops Linux and Apache Supported Blockchain Accountability and Transparency Matters IBM with the help of Linux, and Apache have been developing a hyperledger project that is a permissioned blockchain designed for enterprise that will attempt to tackle many of the problems in the current supply chain. They want to democratize the system by […]

Thailand Bank Extending Ripple Remittances to Pound and Euro

Thai Bank Adding Two New Currencies Ripple helping banks to save money Siam Commercial Bank, Thailand’s fourth largest bank, announced that it would be adding the Euro and Sterling Pound to its Ripple powered blockchain remittance platform. Ripple helps banks, and their clients save money, and time on money transfers. Using Ripple saves millions in […]

Binance Tailoring Up, Launching Binance Chain

Binance Launches Blockchain for New Crypto Exchange ‘Binance Chain’ to Back New Decentralized Exchange Exciting news from Binance happened this week. The company announced it was going to launch its own tailored blockchain, Binance Chain. Binance, one of the world’s fastest exchanges in the market with it’s very high throughput of up to 1.4 million […]

How Does a Crypto Theft From an Exchange Affect the Trust in the Currency?

How Cryptocurrency gets its value? “Asking for a friend” Last Saturday morning, as I was sitting down to drink my morning green juice, I received a text message from a my good friend Don. In that message, Don had sent me a link to a Bloomberg article with a video insinuating that the cryptocurrency is […]

Understanding More: Initial Coin Offering User Guide

ICO For Beginners The success and popularity of initial coin offerings (ICO) have become very adamant in 2017. Over the last few years, many and varied projects have sought to raise funds through ICO and the progress isn’t slowing down any time soon. Note that, the total amount raised through successful sales has been boosted. […]

What makes a good ICO?

Criteria: How To Judge A Good Initial Coin Offering As rudimentary and simple as you might think it would be, many investors continue to overlook key points that they ought to be watching out for prior to placing bets on the increasing amount of projects provided by the crypto scene. An investor ought to use […]