The Best & Safest Hardware Crypto Wallet- COBO VAULT- Review & Unboxing

COBO Wallet

Cryptocurrency options in the beginnings of the blockchain used to be few and far-between. Members of the blockchain community would be limited to just a couple of preferred cryptocurrencies to trade in between. However, thousands of alternative currencies are in existence to keep the market fluid and fresh courtesy of the constantly-shifting 2018 ecosystem.

Initially, this presented a logistical problem for some of the wallets. It was not easy to integrate several independent currencies each with its own blocks, algorithms, and transactions into a single, centralized, and secure unit. However, the integration of different currencies was for many wallets a necessary innovation in response to an economy that’s shifting constantly.

Still, not all wallets are created equal. Only a handful of asset-holding technologies offers multiple currencies on their platform. And with the blockchain community being innovation-loving and technologically-savvy, every new innovation is pushed to its limit for versatility, interface, and usability.

Mobility is one quickly-evolving industry standard in cryptocurrency wallets. Users want a way to hold and track multiple currency balances on-the-move, with minimum stress and maximum mobility.


The COBO VAULT- The best new Crypto Hardware Wallet & The Most Secure!

Recently we were contacted by Cobo to help launch their brand new project. The Vault is the most complex crypto wallet we have seen to date. With IP68 its water resistant, dust resistant and shock resistant. The first crypto wallet of its kind to incorporate the military grade stylization. We will be unboxing this baby soon, but for now, we hope you enjoy our short review and take on this amazing new wallet that's just hit the market. If you are interested in learning more or grabbing one of these early prototypes be sure to watch the video and check out their new website! Click here <<==



Next-Generation Security

A proprietary bank-grade encryption chip with tailored firmware that meets BIP 32, 39, and 44 protocols to ensure that your private key is stored in the encryption chip at all times

Secure Data Transfer

Completely air-gapped to keep your transactions safe from hackers. Elimination of WiFi/Bluetooth/NFC/Bandwith capabilities to prevent all attack attempts from the network

  • NO Bluetooth
  • NO USB Connection
  • NO Mobile

We didn’t stop there.
For 360 degrees of total security,
we considered all possible hacking methods
and their prevention.

  • Self-destruct mechanism
    to prevent side channel attacks
  • Web authentication to
    prevent supply chain
  • Elimination of all USB
    ports to prevent active
  • Firmware upgrade via
    TF card for maximum
for Added Security

We support BTC, ETH, BCH, DASH, LTC, ETC, TRX, EOS and ETH, TRX, EOS tokens

More coins are on the way...


What's in the Box

A custom-made metal tablet for you to store your mnemonic phrase is included! This is an amazing and extra safe way to store you seed phrases, a hugely important part of any hardware wallet. Often overlooked!


What Is COBO Wallet?

COBO offers a unique wallet that aims to offer this essential combination of innovative and essential features in one easy-to-use wallet. With a team of developers eagerly working to expand the inclusivity potential of the device, COBO is quickly earning a reputation for being a unique and innovative wallet for people that love multiple cryptocurrencies.

Features of this Cryptocurrency Wallet

Security is a top priority for COBO when creating their storage application as is the case with many blockchain wallets. Citing proprietary technologies along with an experienced and sophisticated security team, COBO makes the case that its wallet is secure and safe in both cold and hot wallet conditions.

The company also emphasizes the technological sophistication and efficiency of the wallet as the reason for its dominance. COBO references “intelligent algorithms” that chart and apply the lowest possible fees for transfers on the blockchain. Free transfers to other COBO wallets also promote trading on the COBO blockchain.

The versatility of its algorithm for holding currency of different forms is the final major feature of the COBO wallet system. While the current system does not support most cryptocurrencies, the company promises that its engineers are working on the integration of currencies the wallet currently doesn’t support for storage.

COBO Wallet: Conclusion

COBO is a cryptocurrency wallet startup whose headquarters are in Beijing and has raised a $13 million Series A to get into new international markets. Wu Capital and DHVC led the round. COBO is planning to expand into Southeast Asia, in particular, Indonesia and Vietnam, and the United States too. COBO is currently accepting pre-orders for COBO Vault, which is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet the company claims to be military grade. The Series A brings the total funding of COBO to $20 million currently.

The modern world requires increasingly versatile and efficient wallets for holding cryptocurrency. COBO has stepped up to the plate and offers several unique features in its innovative wallet. In particular, the company offers multiple cryptocurrencies on a lightning-quick transfer system, which highlights the efficiency of the wallet.

The mobility of the application also helps sell the product as an easy way of transferring and holding currencies such as Bitcoin on the move.

However, some things promised in the COBO wallet have still not been expanded. Teams of engineers are working on the integration of more cryptocurrencies onto the supported currency list, and it is evident that more updates on the status of this evolving product are still to come. We will be keeping up to date with this company as we fire through all the new updates!  To learn more about other choices in wallets, be sure to check out our review of the Ledgers and Trezor Wallets!

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