Bitcoin Has Now Surpassed Gold

What a day in this age, I remember being around only 13 when the internet first made its way into my world. How quickly it would  change in front of my eyes,it was Amazing. Today, that as 17 years ago. Bitcoin, the internet of the money world has making its wake in the economic news as it has passed the physical asset of gold. A physical security which has recorded history of being money on the planet for around five thousand years. In only 10 years bitcoin went from a no name gamers currency, to purchasing coffees and lunches, now, today, you can buy yourself and ounce of Gold and still have some purchase power left over to take your partner out for dinner.march 4th bitcoin prtice

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is whats know as a cryptographic currency, it is essentially using extremely complex mathematics to ensure privacy and safety. It is really a very unique type of money. Something we have never seen before. This has us all very excited, I am not extremely technical so I wont go into all that much, you are welcome to do your own research. I have been an owner and a proponent of Bitcoin since early 2013 when it was around 90$ per BTC. I got to see the run to its highs shortly after that when Cyprus banking problems came to light.  Its been a wild ride, and we believe we will see it out pace all securities. Its perhaps worth it to figure it out for yourself, I sure appreciated it when I did. As bitcoin goes up and up, everyday I feel more affirmed in my convictions to new securities such as Bitcoin and some of the older models, Gold, Silver.

Is it easy to open a BTC Account?

Absolutely!  It takes no time at all. It can be done in only seconds, requires no documentation of any kind. Purchasing BTC can be a bit more difficult, depending on your countries regulations now a days, they do all the regular KYC (know your customer) forms, to help in money laundering and as I am sure, the tax man wants is Bitcoin cut!!   try it out, open an account to see how easy it is. It will be like wild fire, Just think how many people around the world cannot enter the banking system due to the lack of identification and paperwork. It will be a renaissance, we are projecting massive moves into 2019 so its still a good time to buy!!

Where Can I spend Bitcoin?

Personally, I think spending your bitcoin at this time is somewhat silly. Its going to become incredibly valuable in the near future. Its must better as a speculation, a lottery ticket to the greatest wealth transfer in history. Although if do really want to try it out, there are many apps on google play and in the apple store that will help you find a place near by tat accepts bitcoin. Many online retailers already do. In Canada one of the main arbiters of Gold and Silver  They will accept bitcoin to purchase gold directly. Ive seen the bitcoin on many websites, Fiverr, Upwork and many many more. Save it, our global community needs to remember that saving and personal production are important forms of wealth. Debt karma and living off the backs of the future generations is unacceptable. The buck stops here. Pun intended.


Well, this story doesn't end here, in fact we believe we are still at the cusp of this big change. Ig you think your missed an opportunity, you haven't. Its still within the common persons reach. As hyperinflation and the inevitable fall of global governance collapses, these occurrences will only excel bitcoins price expansion. This is a speculation if you don't enter now. You will be upset with yourself for many many years to come.  Something like if you had been offered an entry into Facebook for only $1200. You would kick yourself later for not making that smart decision. Don't hesitate.    If you have any questions feel free to get a hold of me

Tijo~  The Arcane Bear

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