We Are Free Media

We are news.

We have no corporate overloads. Unlike CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ect… We say what we want and when we want to say it. This all leads to the fact that we may say all sorts of outlandish remarks. To touch on ideas from the fringes of woo woo. Our job today is to take back control of our language.

To control the way we express our dialog as a community. To do this, Clif High and his Video  “The Big G- Spot”  is sending us exactly the tools we need to fight back  What we can learn from this is simply astounding. For instance, we can call Coca Cola= Censorship. This is basically a golden SEO shower to fight back against Google. AS someone who has spent many hours working on advertisements and marketing, It became apparent that our dialog around most of the main stream topics were simply people regurgitating the party line. This is unacceptable, our school systems have turned into re education centers. En-training the generations to follow their leader.


This is where things start to get interesting. We are on the verge and the cusp of an amazing change. As of today Bitcoin has surpassed gold. At this moment its at $1270.   Beyond parity. This is a massive development in the global financial problems.  We have the mainstream media firing the “fake news” cannon at all the Alt- Media.  Pizza Gate=PG= Proctor and Gamble. Did you catch this, I believe we can do it over and over again. If we continue to control the language we can defeat the enemy. There is no winning for Faction A.   They can only chase our movements.  Disclosure. Antarctica, is starting to reveal it self, Global Warming is a Government sanctioned Scam and we are screaming towards an ice age.

Where do we go from here? The Ice Age Cometh….

Well, its an fantastic time to try something new. To get in and think outside the box, we are seeing the world change all around us. So quickly,  in fact that our generations will not recognize the planet we live on in the next forty years. This is an astounding mov The Arcane Bear Logo ement of prescient ideas that are moving into and out of our ears. If we an continue to fill the gaps as the main stream media dinosaur dies, we may just find our self sharing with the world

We are the Free Media.    We Are The Arcane Bear


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