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Right Livelihood.  

As we exit a time where news and media have been a puppet corporate idealism’s; we have to look outside of the normal media to find a new source. that's capable of providing unbiased and relevant information. this is the goal of our new media front. & currently as we enter into this new idea, it's the supports and pillars of everyone around the world experiencing this change to come forward and share their stories with us. Time allows innovation for things like medicine, energy, social &  physical or financial means, these are areas we wish to highlight. it is to be thought of as  a new platform for us to work on. An open source manner if you will.  Not saving our planet bur rather ourselves. By adapting & harmonizing to a way of life that is more closely and intimately reliant and sympathetic to nature. The respect we find here; for ourselves,others and for nature Will ultimately be the deciding factor of how we progress forward.

It is the rather charisma attitudes and tireless efforts of the support of our community that is really going to Press this,to remove the powers that have controlled our media, our are banks and our government. WE must relearn to rely on ourselves, to govern ourselves appropriately. this new shift in thinking is going to be one that requires a large emotional response; this large emotional response is currently being decided by all of us. how Factor into this large and emotional response Will be a welcome change as we transition into the highlighted future following the dim death of this currently stagnant and chaotic social system.

While the have kept us to endeavor to keep alive our own prison.We won’t allow it, it is going to fail. It will be upon everyone to move and facilitate this expression.  Keep a “mindset” that even though these times are tough; we are working to create a more embracing state of the “who” and “what” we are in this universe.

Moral and ethical business models

Through our cell phones and TV  we forget that we're on a ball of  ice,rock and fire, floating through space among deep space , asteroids and at any moment on a collision course with the end of fate. This is our freedom. it is a freedom we must shape through our own actions. one we must each create for ourselves, this will not be a condition of any kind for the planet, instead it will be a renewed form of respect and honor for this existence which is currently threatened by our carelessness. there will be no government to look to for help and  safety. It will be up to ourselves. self governance.

Tijo~   The Arcane Bear`   

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