Energi Cryptocurrency

Energi is a type of self-funding crypto currency.
Its purpose is simply to reach as many people in the world as is possible. The goal of Energi is to offer a self-funding treasury system that eventually will develop into a profitable smart contract platform. Energi.world therefore,bbefore a great opportunity for investment both now and in the future.Energi is going to provide a tiny allocation to mining rewards. It will look into the areas of Master nodes and Treasury for the bulk of the coin distribution. Energi has guaranteed that 10% of the allocation will go towards rewarding the leadership. This is relatively quite low when you compare it to other ICOs giving their founders a very high 20 - 50% of all tokens distributed. Another important feature that will set Energi from other ICOs is that they provide an ongoing allocation of 10% through each block reward as opposed to rewarding their founders upfront.

Many investors may wonder what is the ultimate goal for this unique new cryptocurrency? The main goal is to introduce this unique new currency to the world while at the same time creating a strong foundation. The strong foundation is created by having a respectable 40% of the total 1 million Energi coins release each month towards the treasury system. Current cryptocurrencies only provide 1/4 of this amount. PIVX, Dash, and other cryptocurrencies are now only offering a maximum allocation of 10% to the treasury. Another important goal includes the fact that the treasury is decentralized. Having a decentralized treasury allows the master nodes to vote where they want the funds directly to. The benefit is that Energi can pay the contributors and developers and as it continues to grow the budget of the treasury will allow for more collaboration. Increase collaboration leads to growth and a positive feedback loop. Energi also has a higher inflation rate and this feature will encourage spending and reinvestment. Energi has a goal to utilize the entire amount of its treasury budget from month-to-month. This will be especially true during the first few months as it becomes established. It will also help to identify the higher value activities and all of the best contributors who will be yielding a maximum return to the system's value-added as compared to values spent.


Energi will encourage and identify all activities that can bring the best value back in relation to what Energi spends. Energi's philosophy is that each dollar that is reinvested into the system should yield a lot more when it is invested properly with developers. It understands it is also important to receive the benefits after incorporating the best marketing efforts and utilizing other expenditures.

The specs for Energi coins include Ticker - NRG, Block Time - 1 minute, Hashing Algorithm - Dagger-Hashimoto (which is similar to Ethereum), Master node Requirements - 10,000 Energi, and Treasury Cycle - Every 14 days. There will be approximately 1,000,000 Energi released each month. The allocations for this release will be a simple 10/10/40/40. Energi Backbone will receive 10%, Miners will get 10% and this will eventually go into Proof of State, Master nodes will get 40%, and Treasury will get 40%. Therefore, the allocations are Energi to Backbone - 2.28, Energi to Miners - 2.28, Energi to Treasury - 9.14, and Energi to Master nodes - 9.14. Since the treasury allocations are always paid in a 2-week cycle, there will be an approximate lump sum payment of 184,000 Energi every two week period.

There was a delay of 150 days for Master node reward payments to begin. The reason for this is to allow for the widespread distribution of Energi. This process will also allow for an airdrop campaign to become completed. This completed campaign will guarantee that a large amount of Energi is spread throughout the community. Until this point is reached, the Master node rewards will continue to be directed to the Treasury. This means that during the first five months the Treasury will accumulate approximately 368,000 Energi every 14 days. In summary, the airdrop campaign has been designed to provide 4 million Energi throughout the community.Many investors have questions about this particular cryptocurrency. For example, is there going to be a limit on the number of coins? The answer to that question is no. By establishing a number of coins cap, it would mean the inevitable end of Master node rewards and Treasury commission. Both of these are vital to the growth and survival of the network.

Obviously, Energi does not want to create a death sentence at the beginning of this amazing new cryptocurrency. It also does not want to see the currency dwindle down by inflation over time. After all, inflation is what provides fuel to the funding of Energi. In fact, to increase and accelerate future growth Energi may consider the benefits of increasing inflation. Another question that investors may have is in regards to the ICO. Energi does not have an ICO because there is an Energi Backbone. The Backbone is in existence because of the creator of Energi (Tommy World Power). He also can share his creation with anyone he wants to privately. He has received this privilege because of his hard work creating and designing Energi. He spent a year developing this amazing group of currency. He also has the power to direct the entire network. This is an important feature because with many crypto currencies of the leadership is very weak.

Therefore, Tommy has a very strong say over the allocation and governance of this network. It is not an overwhelming, dictatorial control but it is strong enough to provide strong leadership of the network. As a side note, it is important to know that every crypto asset and crypto currency is centralized to a degree. It is usually centralized around the core team. There is no problem with this principle as long as we members of the community have the ability to veto if required.

Energi is innovative and very effective as a crypto currency model. The leadership ensures that the prosperity of Energi will continue today, tomorrow, well into the future.


About Energi

No ICO Available: We did not do an ICO, and are not planning on doing one. That helps us avoid legal issues in different countries, and supports our vision of providing a cryptocurrency that is geared towards sustainable and long-term worldwide adoption.

No pre-mine: Energi made the decision to not pre-mine. Our inclusive global vision is supported by this equitable model.

Strong treasury system: We have self-funding from one of space's largest treasury allocation. The treasury funding enables a long-term viable model that will help to grow the community and technology.

Master nodes: Energi offers very high rewards (more than 50% annual return). Master node rewards began sharing their rewards around September 18th.  Master nodes is comprised of 10,000 NRG, which has a current value of ~$0.35. The current $3,500 per master node cost of Energi represents a much lower barrier to entry when compared to the current master node cost of Dash at $185,000 (1000 DASH at -$185). See our update on Medium on Energi Masternodes for more information.

Robust roadmap: Working towards moving over to a proof of stake model, and making the transition to a smart contract platform. That will allow us to be the only or one of the first cryptocurrency to have no pre-mine, no ICO, Smart Contracts, Masternodes, and a Treasury. visit the Energi Roadmap on our website for more information.

Energy is actively traded on three exchanges: Cryptobridge, CoinExchange, and Cryptopia.

Underlying Technology

Energi started out as a Dask-fork in order to improve and build on the governance and treasury system. We believe that a strong treasury model and active governance provide a strong foundation for having a long-lasting cryptocurrency.

We planning on transforming into a very powerful smart contract platform given our governance system and treasury. While we are planning to get started with the Ethereum code base in order to get this vision kick-started, we are planning on surpassing other smart contract platforms such as Ethereum through our competitive treasury and governance models, which will allow us to have aggressive overall growth, tooling, and rate of development.

If you are interested in learning more make sure to check out https://eneri.world

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