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The world of technology, media and content creation is changing at a staggering rate. Before we dive in though, let me introduce myself. My name is Tijo and I’ve had the privilege over the last few years of finding myself stumbling into the role of a content creator on YouTube. At first, I focused mostly on Bitcoin and blockchain. We later expand into the larger crypto community and started to grow rapidly in early 2016. Shortly after, the changing price of Bitcoin caught the eyes of many investors as they watched as new asset and an entirely new economy form right before their eyes.

Social Media & Content Creation

My YouTube channel, Arcane Bear, grew from 0 to over 25k subscribers in just one year’s time. As I started to do more and more work in the crypto-world and posting regularly on YouTube, I noticed that as a content creator I was being de-monetized. Other popular and well-known creators were having similar troubles! YouTube is a great platform, but it lacks the ability to effectively communicate what you might have done to result in being demonetized. This had become a part of my livelihood and the demonetization hits made a big difference.

My interest in the world of blockchain also evolved from the decentralization of money to the possibility of the blockchain and its new platforms known as Dapps (Decentralized Applications) being used to democratize the ownership of the essential components and information being held in its underlying protocols. The possibilities from here become really staggering. So, let's start by taking Tron and its focus in this space, as an example of the possibilities and opportunities in this emerging market.


 DApps (Decentralized Applications)

Tron is a smart contract platform, similar to that of Ethereum, developed by Justin Sun, who happens to be a protégé of Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba. Tron quickly grew its community and became one of the fastest blockchains on the scene. Not to say that speed is equivalent to value, but we can start to see that there is a key point to be made here. It helps to first look at Facebook for a comparison.

Many of us have followers, family, friends and community within the realm of social media. When we make a post or share any personal information, FB can capitalize on this, it's the reason why FaceBook is given to us free, they sell all of our data to advertisers. We as participants bring the people, the content, the value and they monetize our interests in each other. They also get hacked and our valuable personal data gets stolen. Now, what if when you signed up for a social media platform, you were rewarded with a FaceBook -excuse me- Tron’s TRX tokens and a wallet to keep them in? Then for every post, photo, the comment you made, when it was up-voted, liked or shared, it actually created a real-world value for you as well as a social, media and content creation platform!

tron blockchain dapps

"Decentralization is a powerful thing"

If we think about this logically, we can lean into the idea and ask ourselves the question, “If we all left Facebook, what’s the value of that company?” Not much. The entire premise is that the community and individuals who post there create the value and are the only reason we all continue to use the platform. We can decide to move our content anywhere, can’t we? When a friend is interested in seeing how I am doing, and they share that info with their friends, they are bringing in more users. The only entity that profits on this sharing of personal information is the platform itself, which sells your data and content to the highest bidder. Without us, Facebook’s platform and protocol are essentially worthless. To learn more about Tron Click Here<<=

Bittorrent Take over & Network Controls

This is just the surface of the idea. Recently Tron introduced BTT, or the Bit- torrent Token. For those of you who don’t know, Bit-torrent runs on the TCPIP protocol layer, which allows users to download content from multiple sources, creating a decentralized library sourced from around the globe. This decentralized library is created using content and media from both legitimate and pirated versions; similar to the way Napster created to access and the ability to share music.

These are game changers. Tron and their foundation of developers plan to use the token to grant users faster download speeds, or in cases where you are allowing others to download content from your library it rewards you with the BTT token. This creates a self-fulfilling feedback loop for the users in the ecosystem and very quickly spills over into ownership and content creation rights, which can then be added to the blockchain for further transparency in media or content ownership and payment distribution! It all snowballs into the Tron ecosystem, allowing for instant payments to content creators and those who help keep the content curated on multiple servers around the world!

Blockchain and the World of Distributed Ledgers

Thanks to blockchain and the decentralized nature of the Tron network, a secure back up is created without any central storage of the information itself that could be hacked and stolen.

What’s so interesting about this shift and the real kicker is for the first time you don’t have to be a credited investor or VC to take part or benefit from joining a network or creating and distributing content. You simply need to share your story ideas!

The Future Companies Empower Everyone!

Every time you share, you are rewarded with a stake in the protocol layers actual function and the community has more energy to put back into the system. They have names for it, like “proof of work”, or “proof of stake”, but no matter how you want to break down the technology, the easiest way to think it is; The decentralized nature and democratization of ownership and rights. Instead of a centralized corporation like Facebook making billions of our data and content, the next generation of mega media companies will succeed by offering the average user a way to economically benefit from the adoption of their protocol.

Mark my words, Companies like Tron that build platforms and tools to make life more productive and potentially more economically advantageous for their users will be the next big thing in tech.


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